UX Specialist Internship

From May to August 2017, I worked as a UX specialist intern in the digital team at Owens Corning's headquarter, Toledo, OH

I was highly involved in multiple projects across different business units in a  collaborative setting. 
- UI design
- lo-fi & hi-fi prototyping
- usability test
- research planning
- user interview
- heuristic evaluation
- card sorting

- interpersonal skills
- collaboration
- presentation skill

Collaborated with: 
- Stakeholders
- Project Manager
- Senior UX Researcher
- Web Analytics Lead
- UX Architect
- Visual Designer
- Software Engineers
- Marketing Specialists - Internal Users

Roofing Contractor Experience

PreConnect is an online 24/7 resource portal that provides rooting contractors with full access to a wide range of communication tools. For this project, we were trying to transfer the current portal onto a new platform where can provide a better user experience for the customers. 

Research Methods

  • Card Sorting
  • Usability Test

Building Enclosure

Building Enclosure website is a launched website, rather than researching and testing on the overall user experience, our goal was to validate several specific functionalities including navigation structures and CTA buttons.

Research Methods

  • Heat Map Analaysis
  • Usability Test


Customer Relationship Management

The CRM system is an essential tool that helps the sales team manage customer relationships effectively. It can asset commercial leaders to predict marketing trends. 

Research Methods
  • Heuristic Evaluation

Take Aways

  • Designing for specific target user groups
  • Designing for business goals
  • Using qualitative and quantitative data to back up design decisions
  • Building relationships with team members, stakeholders, and the development team
  • Agile work environment
  • Public speaking, storytelling, impromptu presentation

Please contact me to know more about the details! Thanks! 


Sophia Li. 2019