Disease Management System

This is an individual project which was presented as my final internship project at Battelle in August, 2016. The team I worked with is specialized at medical products’ design and development. My design was inspired from the research work I was involved in during the internship.

Chronic Disease is one of the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. For chronic disease patients, pill management is a lifelong challenge which is not only for patients themselves but also for the caregivers. There are too many daily tasks need to be carefully accomplished in order to control and cure the disease(s) successfully. For example, overdose and inconsistent treatments would result in undesired consequences. ALDO can provide a simple solution to make their lives easier and better.

Individual project

Key words:
- market research
- medical devices' risk management
- system design
- product design
- UI design
- 3D modeling and rendering

Sophia Li. 2021