Conrads College Gifts is a family owned and operated OSU apparel and merchandise store that has been presented on Ohio State’s campus since 1969. Since the number of their out-state costumers is about 50% of all, the website plays an important role in shopping experience. Currently, their website is difficult for users to find what they are looking for in an efficient and easy manner. Especially for non-local customers, some of them rather put their orders by call-in or mail-in than place orders by using the website.

- It was a group project which was completed by a 4-person team. The time frame was about 4 weeks. Every team member contributed throughout the whole process from the initial ideation, user research to the final decision making. My primary roles were the project manager and the visual designer.

Key worlds:
- user research
- user interview
- survey design/analysis
- UI design
- usability test
- collaboration

Sophia Li. 2019